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Corruption – one question – ten proposals

On 24th August the Swedish Minister for Development Cooperation Gunilla Carlsson initiated a debate on corruption by posing the question: “Zero tolerance against corruption – an impossible task?”

Upon this initiative Minister Carlsson requested me to present, on the Anti-corruption Day 9th December, ten innovative proposals on effective development assistance bearing in mind the question: “What is required of development assistance in a world where corruption is a fact?”


It is no news that corruption is an obstacle to development and a threat to effective development assistance. Many remedies have been used and tested, but experience shows that more is needed. To ensure that the ten proposals are as relevant and useful as possible, it is important that as many views and perspectives as possible contribute to them.

An open discussion is necessary for us to ensure we achieve effective development assistance. Please feel free to contact me at

I will also be contacting numerous people with a variety of different perspectives, knowledge and experience, with the aim of listening to a diversity of ideas.

Gunilla Törnqvist

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